Alaska INBRE announces New Leaders!

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We would like to welcome Jane Shelby and Cheryl Wilga to the Alaska INBRE Leadership team. Jane Shelby previously served on the Alaska INBRE Steering committee and is now serving as the Alaska INBRE Co-Investigator. Wilga is appointed as the Alaska INBRE Program Coordinator.

Jane Shelby, Professor/Director of Alaska WWAMI, School of Medical Education, University of Alaska Anchorage

Shelby holds a Ph.D. In Psychoneuroimmunolgy and Medical Sociology from University of Utah. Much of Shelby’s research career involved development of animal models to study transplantation immunobiology and wound healing. She also has a long-standing interest in healthcare disparities and educational opportunities for underrepresented populations. As Director of the Alaska WWAMI program, she made recruitment of rural and Alaska Native (AN) students a focus. She also serves as the Director of the Professional Development core of the American Indian/Alaska Native Clinical and Translational Research Program. Learn more about Dr. Shelby at

Cheryl Wilga, Director and Professor, Biological Sciences Department, University of Alaska Anchorage

Wilga earned her Ph.D. from University of South Florida, Tampa. Wilga joined UAA from University of Rhode Island in 2015. Her research centers on the functional morphology and evolution of behaviors that are key to survival. She uses the comparative approach to investigate how transformations in the morphology of a musculoskeletal system affect function. She has taught allied health students for about 20 years and has leadership experience including undergraduate and graduate committees, graduate director, chair and director of the biological sciences departments at two different universities, chair and outreach for broadening participation in science, and working with Alaska Native students from middle school to college.

We look forward to contributions from Drs. Shelby and Wilga and welcome their experience and vision to our team!