Congratulations Jaspreet Osan!

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Congratulations to Jaspreet Osan for passing her graduate comprehensive exams! Jaspreet is a GRA whose interest in research developed through work in Dr. Ferrante’s lab, where she learned the importance of developing better vaccines. Her current research focuses on understanding how class II MHC molecules help in the selection of pathogenic peptides presented to CD4+ T cells, which then generate immune response assisting the immune system in recognizing and eliminate pathogens.  Jaspreet plans to continue working in the field of immunology, particularly with research focused on cancer immunology.

With an initial interest in science kindled at her high school science fair, Jaspreet now aims to publish her first manuscript next year. “What I like about science is that it gives us the information to understand any problem. It is involved in every aspect of our day to day life, and gives us the answer behind every why,” she explains. With the assistance of INBRE travel awards, Jaspreet has participated in an advanced Immunology course in Boston, as well as the American Association of Immunology conference in Washington D.C. We are proud to support Jaspreet in her inquiry, and wish her luck in all of her future endeavors.