Alaska INBRE piloted grant Awardees and Graduate Research Assistants

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We reviewed 18 applicants from which nine awardees were selected.  These proposals aligned with AK INBRE’s focus on the interface among the environment, behavior, health and disease in people and animals in Alaska.

Vadim Fedorov, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, UAF, IAB)-Importance of microRNA for esteoporosis prevention in hibernating ground squirrel

Max Kullberg, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UAA) – Tumor Antigen Delivery Using Complement Targeted Nanoparticles

Holly Martinson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, UAA) – Molecular and clinicopathological analysis of Alaska Native breast cancer

Kathryn Milligan-Myhre, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, UAA) – Effects of perchorate on gut microbiota and immune development

Sonia Nagorski, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Geology, UAS) – Assessing spatiotemporal variability of water quality impacts in southeast Alaska

Kristin O’Brien, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Biology and Wildlife, UAF) – The effect of polyglutamine and glutamic acid repeats on HIF-1 Funcation

Scott Ryan Oliver, Ph.D. (Instructor Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UAF) – Skeletal Muscle thermogenesis by sarcolipin-uncoupling in ground squirrels

Inna Rivkin, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Psychology, UAF) – Intergenerational Dialogue Exchange and Action to Facilitate Youth Wellness

Kevin Winker, Ph.D. (Professor; Curator of Birds, UAF) – Modeling Asia-to-America avian influenza virus invasions and hunter exposure

Our eleven 2017 GRA student awardees. 

Christopher Cavanaugh (UAA), Alex Francian (UAA), Christopher Kasanke (UAF), Amy Kirkam (UAA), Nicole Knight (UAF), Kyle Milke (UAF), Jaspreet Osan (UAF), Sarah Rice (UAF), Kenneth Shin (UAF), Davis Stewart (UAA), Sara Wilbur (UAF)

And our 2017 Summer URA student awardees.

Alisha O’Brien (UAF), Josh Hartman (UAF), Taylor Seitz (UAF), Savannah Green (UAA), Shannon Medlock (UAA), Kenneth Sparks (UAA), Kelly Ireland (UAA), Kathryne Beauto (UAS), Jacob Eberhardt (UAS).